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Terms and Conditions
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Requirements for Sport Motorcycle Rental:

Please note all requirements and qualifications as missing requirements may jeopardize your rental. Please read all of the following qualifications and requirements and then complete out all items in the Rider Questionaire. Requirements are for insurance purposes and cannot be waived.

  • Riders must be at least 25 years of age or older. Riders under 25 will be assessed an additional $4.95 in addition to the standard LDW.
  • Riders must possess a valid and current motorcycle driver's license.
  • Non U.S. residents must also possess a valid Passport.
  • Riders may not take sport motorcycle rentals outside of the United States.
  • All rentals and security deposits must be secured by a credit card at the time of rental.
  • Sport motorcycle rentals are authorized for street use only.
  • Track use is strictly prohibited and will result in the forfeiture of the renters security deposit.
  • Dangerous, reckless, or aggressive riding is not permitted. We do not endorse stunt riding, wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, etc. or any other illegal abusive riding behavior on our bikes. If you intend to do this type of riding, do not rent from us.

Limits of Liability:

Please keep in mind that sport motorcycle riding is a potentially dangerous sport and can result in injury and even death. Sport Ryder Rentals does not provide medical coverage of any kind. The renter releases Sport Ryder Rentals of all liability.

It is the responsibility of the rider to understand and accept all terms and conditions outlined in the Rental Agreement, the Motorcycle Rental Release of Liability, the Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks, the Loss Damage Waiver, and the Passenger Motorcycle Rental Release of Liability forms that are provided at the time of the rental.

Cancellation Policy:

For any extended travel we strongly recommend coverage for trip cancellation/interruption, personal accident, health, hospitalization, and property and baggage recovery, see: For a small fee, TravelGuard can protect your entire trip. At the time of reservation, a non-refundable deposit of the greater of $100 or 40% ( the greater of the two ) of the rental amount is required to hold the reservation and rental motorcycle. Additional amounts for gear purchase, motorcycle transport costs, etc. are due in full at the time of reservation and are non-refundable. Any other pre-paid funds are non-refundable. All rental reservations are allowed one re-schedule at no-charge. After, the first free rescheduling, each reschedule thereafter is subject to a $35 processing charge. Re-schedules include changes in time, dates, rental unit, etc. All reservations can be rescheduled at any time up to 24 hours before the rental reservation start. At the time of rescheduling, the full amount of the rental rate is due.

Please understand that all cancellation charges are meant to insure that our fleet is not unnecessarily underutilized due to late cancellations so that we may be here in the future to better serve our customers. Cancellations up to 15 days before the rental date are subject to a cancellation amount of 40% of the total invoice amount or the reservation deposit amount whichever is greater. Cancellations up to 3 days before the rental date are subject to a cancellation amount of 45% of the total invoice amount or the reservation deposit amount whichever is greater. Cancellations after 72 hours before the rental reservation start are subject to a cancellation amount of the total invoice amount. To cancel a rental please sign and date your reservation confirmation and fax to Sport Ryder Rentals, LLC at 214.764.0700. Cancellations cannot be processed until accompanied by a signed and dated copy of the rental confirmation. Cancellations made on rescheduled rentals are subject to the above cancellation fees calculated using the original reservation date.

Cancellation due to unmet rental requirements at the time of rental ( such as no motorcycle license, inability to meet security deposit requirements, etc ) are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the total invoice amount. There are no refunds for early motorcycle returns or unused mileage. Once the bike has been picked up or delivered, the customer is responsible for the entire contract rental period.

Sport Ryder Rentals will make every effort to provide the motorcycle as reserved for the customer; however, we reserve the right to substitute the motorcycle confirmed due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, delay in manufacture fleet delivery, mechanical failure, collision damage and theft.

Vehicle Damage Deposit and Insurance:

State minimum mandatory liability insurance ( the legal requirements to ride on the street ) is included in the daily rental fee. For a small additional daily charge, the renter may also choose to purchase the Loss Damage Waiver to protect the renter from excess collision damage losses. If the rider is covered by their own insurance, a letter is required from their insurance company to prove coverage extends to our rental motorcycle. Please call for more details. Sport Ryder Rentals does not offer any type of medical insurance. It is the responsibility of the renter to provide his or her own medical insurance coverage.

A fully refundable Vehicle Damage Deposit (VDD) will be taken at the time of rental and will be credited back to the customer's account if the vehicle is returned undamaged. The VDD is secured by authorization against a major credit, but not charged unless the vehicle is returned damaged. The authorization amount is $2500 ( the authorization for the Slingshot and the Side-by-sides is $3000 ). The rider is responsible for the retail repair of damage, plus other fees such as recovery, etc. Please see the rental contract for more details. If this cost is less than the amount of the VDD, then the remainder is refunded to the rider.The VDD does not limit the liability of the renter. The renter maintains responsibility for the full amount of the costs of replacement of the motorcycle unless the Loss Damage Waiver is purchased.

Rental Details:

  • All rental rates are based on a 24 hour period. Late fees are assessed thereafter at the rate of $35 per hour ( $45 per hour for the Slingshot ). Any rental returned 4 hours late is charged for an extra day.
  • Standard rental rates include 300 miles per day ( 200 miles per day for the Slingshot ). Additional mileage costs just $.35 per mile ( $.45 per mile for the Slingshot ). Mileage saver rates come with no included mileage. Cost per mile is set at 1/100th of the mileage saver rate. For example, mileage for a $79 mileage saver rate is charged at $.79 per mile.
  • Sport Ryder Rentals provides online standard reservations with a helmet, riding jacket, and gloves by request. Please reserve with your rental. Additional safety equipment is also provided on a first come first serve basis for a small fee.
  • Rally fees and minimum rental periods may apply. Republic of Texas and MotoGP rentals have a $40 per day rally fee and three day minimum rental.
  • Rental bikes are pictured basically as rented. Motorcycles come with stock equipment; for example, any bags that come with a motorcycle as purchased as new are included as part of a rental for the base rental rates. Additional bags/equipment/etc for a small additional daily charge. Please call for pricing.

Privacy Policy:

When you reserve a rental with Sport Ryder Rentals, we ask for information such as email address, birth date, zip code, etc. We ask for this information only for the purpose of securing a rental motorcycle. Sport Ryder Rentals does not rent, sell, or share this personal information about you with other people or other non-affiliated companies except those companies/partners that required such information in execution of the rental agreement ( for example: our insurance company ). This information is shared under specific confidentiality agreements and only for in relation to the rental of a sport motorcycle. These companies do not have an independent right to share your information. We keep this information on file for the purpose of confirmations, answer to inquiries, potential rental problems, and/or future promotions. If you would like to opt out of future promotions, please let us know at the time of rental.

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