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We here at Sport Ryder Rentals were recently asked the question, "Why should I rent a motorcycle when I can own one?" For some people the answer will be obvious, but it's a good question and shows that motorcycle rental is not for everyone ( but what product is? ). If you are a rider that rides every day, then a motorcycle hire is not for you - but, there are distinctive groups of people that make good if not great rental customers. These reasons that each group have for rental are listed below - some of these reasons will be obvious. Some, maybe not so much...

Reason #1: You want to try out a bike before you buy. This is a very common theme for customers that come to us. Motorcycle dealers do not let you try before you buy, and if they do, it is only for a short ride around the parking lot - and what can you really learn from that??? With motorcycle rental at Sport Ryder Rentals, you can rent for a day or longer and really get a feel for the motorcycle and how you and it interact. Do you fit with the motorcycle? Are there certain ergonomic problems that you have when you ride some distance on the motorcycle. Do these go away over time? Do you like the engine, the suspension, the fit and finish, etc. All these questions can be answered with sportbike rental and sport-touring rental at Sport Ryder Rentals.

Reason #2: YOU may ride every day and not need a rental, but don't you ever have friends that come in from out of town to visit and need to hire a motorcycle while they are here??? Now you have a choice - before Sport Ryder Rentals, the only motorcycle rentals was cruisers. Not that there is anything wrong with that type of motorcycle or riding style, but sometimes it doesn't fit with what you and your other friends are riding. We have a rental motorcycle that fits almost all "styles" of riding.

Reason #3: You don't live here and you are flying in and want a bike while you are on vacation in Texas. Maybe you want to ride the Hill Country, use Dallas as a gateway to the west, or travel down to Big Bend - the second largest National Park in the United States. Check out our ride map section for more travel ideas. Or maybe you are here for work and are just sick of that company car - we definitely have the solution for you!

Reason #4: You don't ride that much - maybe 4 or 5 trips a year. Or maybe you would take a few trips a year, but haven't wanted to invest in a motorcycle and have it sit in your garage doing little but depreciating and needing to be maintained. You are the perfect rental candidate! It's actually cheaper for you to rent 4-5 times a year and have us pay for the depreciation and maintenance - and you get a new motorcycle model to ride every year.

Reason #5: Your wife doesn't let you own a motorcycle!!! DON"T LAUGH! Actually, we have a certain group of customers that fit into this category. Owning a motorcycle would cause unnecessary friction in the marriage. Motorcycle rental is a way that they can keep the peace and get some of the enjoyment of riding. We say - "Anyway you can get your fix - take it!"

And finally, you know, for many guys, there is the option of borrowing a bike from a friend - and that is always an option. But be careful and realize that you are not insured on your friends bike - at all. If you don't have much to lose, then not having insurance is not really a big deal - you can't be sued for what you do not have. But for those of you that have some assets - like a house, retirement money, etc., lack of insurance while riding is a BIG risk. We are fully insured and full coverage liability ( with a very large umbrella policy ) is included in our base rental rates.

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